\kem pyu'ter\ n : 1 one that computes; specif : an automatic electronic machine for performing calculations
2 a machine which computes, especially an electronic machine that solves complex mathematical problems in a very short time when given certain information. 3 one skilled in computing, or a thing that computes. 4 A machine that is used nowadays to store information, play games, do artwork, chat, listen to music, watch DVD's, surf the internet, burn CD's and DVD's, earn money, and most of all waste time.
For def. 1 : He is a computer, if you ask a question he will compute, and answer you the best he can ; The computer will calculate for you.

For def 2 : Computers the size the size of a matchbox that do the work of a packing case full of normal elextronic equipment. ; The computer will answer your math{ematical} problems, so long that you insert the data correctly.

For def 3 : {She} will compute your every move in a chess game and may possibly be able to compute your next move.

For def 4 : I love computers, they entertain me, but then again they freakin piss me off because of the damn errors it gives me from a game that the computer can't handle. Especially because it is no where near the speed of a human brain.
by SpungyBungy October 12, 2005
the square thing ur staring deep within
Look forward.....................see? it's a computer!
by mine...who me?.... no me! October 03, 2007
A tool designed to accelerate, and automate, errors.
My computer accelerated, and automated, errors on itself!
by Chronomein September 29, 2005
a machine that is really cool if it's new. It has access to internet and all that good stuff. a machine that can also cause a lot of anger if the hard drive is loaded because it will go really slow.
A New Computer:
-Hey, i just got the "Windows XP HP Infinity"
-yeah, it works with the best computer games and never slows down!

-hey, guess what, i installed Itunes, limewire and all that good stuff on my computer!
-sweet! let me try it out
-alright hold on i gotta click on it twice
-AAH! (incomprehensible swearing) this dam piece of Sh!t! (destroys the computer and smashes it into a billion pieces.)
by chrissy tha blak October 13, 2007
A device usually used for entertainment purposes.
I use the computer to play games with.
by Nevermore November 05, 2003
A £2000 paper-weight
A single error,
Can turn your expensive box,
to a simple stone.
by gothboy September 14, 2003
Are you fucking kidding me?
You're using a computer to look up the definition for computer? God damn it you suck!
by dollarbill3585 October 04, 2013

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