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4 definitions by Nevermore

A form of Martial Art based around grappling and holding techniques.
Judo is a Martial Art form and sport, not a Jew.
by Nevermore November 05, 2003
155 65
A crappy channel that shows "reality shows" 90% of the time and when it doesn't it has some crappy music on. Let me tell some of you MTV lovers out there, if there is a camera shoved in your face for a month and you get money for living in an apartment in New York it is not Reality.
Person 1: "Wanna watch MTV?"
Person 2: "No"
Person 1: "Why?"
Person 2: "Because The Real World is on for 10 hours straight"
by Nevermore December 26, 2003
53 7
A device usually used for entertainment purposes.
I use the computer to play games with.
by Nevermore November 05, 2003
16 9
Weird, strange
Slang: Gay, Homosexual
Oh my God! It's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
by Nevermore November 05, 2003
35 56