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80 definitions by marcus

An omnipotent godlike figure that cannot be surpassed no matter how hard one tries. It's just impossible. If you ever come across a Breekan, one should just give up trying to defeat/outsmart/outdo it in anything.
"I got my ass pounded by a Breekan last night when I challenged him to a game of pool"
by Marcus March 28, 2004
McGee, one who is good at destroying things, but not as good as the Mighty One; One who says things that sometimes scare people; One who makes a "Tardy" out of several people; Master of "Two Man Enter, one man leave, Ring RING!"; See also Mega
Mega gave head to McGee, The Pretty Much OK.
by Marcus April 17, 2003
to mess up while attempting something and usually fall flat on ur face
I wailed it on my bike trying to grind
by marcus January 25, 2004
rozanna is a fat fanny and sasha is a ugly donkey. both are lesbians and men repellers.
rozanna licked sashas fanny out and sasha stuck her chubby finger up rozannas wide anus.
by marcus June 24, 2003
a girl that has a badonkadunk but larger kinda when she sits on those cheeks.
damn lindsey got a fatty mic fatty u can see that from the front!
by marcus January 19, 2005
An adjective to describe someone so extemely ugly that they appeared to have been struck by lightening.
Bob's girlfriend is snag lightening ugly!

When my wife wakes up in the morning, it looks like she snagged lightening.
by Marcus December 30, 2005
pussy fart expelled by loose pussy lips
Mom, I think Grandma queefed. Does that mean it's time to pull the plug?
by marcus March 26, 2005