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Legendary Brazillian metal band.
Sepultura is most awesome.
by bob April 03, 2003
A band which started out as 50% Death Metal and 50% Black Metal with Bestial Devestation and Morbid Visions. Then went to thrash metal with Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains, and Arise. Slowed down their tempo and simplified their music with Chaos A.D. which used lots of guitar pedal effects and tribal sounds and downtuned guitars. Some people believe it may be responsible as starting nu-metal a little. Speaking of which Sepultura then released a damn korn-sounding abomination known as Roots. Horrible album. After that the original vocalist left and in his place came a black hardcore vocalist. They released Against which had a hardcore sound to it and it was much better then Roots. Two years later they released Nation, a conceptual album based on creating a new nation. Then they released Roorback, which got rid of all the tribal sounds of the past four albums and kinda returned to an older sound. What's in the future for Sepultura? No one knows. But they are still together. This year is their 20th year as a band.

Pronounced as SEE-PULL-TOO-RA
Sepultura's albums are all good except for Roots which sucks.
by Anthony Scrima February 28, 2004
A Thrash/Death metal band of Brazillian origin consisting of:

Derrek Greene - Vocals /Guitars
Andreas Kisser - Guitars / Vocals
Paulo Pinto - Bass
Igor Cavalera - Drums

Derrek took over from Igor's brother Max Cavalera in 1995/6 after arguments within the band devided Sepultura.
Bestial Devastation EP (1985)
Morbid Visions (1986)
Schizophrenia (1987)
Beneath the Remains (1989)
Arise (1991)
Chaos A.D. (1993)
Roots (1996)
Against (1998) - w/ Derrek
Nation (2001) - w/ Derrek
Roorback (2003) - w/ Derrek
by Luke from Vertiis March 11, 2005
Sepultura KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT G0 SEPULTURA
by L337 M00 October 16, 2003
Sepultura is the name of a brazilian metal band which has been around for 20 years. BUT Sepultura is not just the name of the band. In portugues (the official language of Brazil) 'Sepultura' mean gravestone (tombstone)
Sepultura is the best band to ever set foot on this planet
by Marcus March 05, 2005
THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. (p.s. igor is the best drummer ever.)
sepultura is like so brazilian dude!!! they are not chato. they are legal.
by carem April 04, 2003
Oral sex or foreplay with a tequila bottle or similar Spanish objects.
I got some Sepulturas last night.
by Zzzyax July 17, 2009
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