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n. Floozer
A derogative term which holds origin in University settings, particularly among engineers, to describe a person.
Generally used as a contraction to omit the word "fuck" in inappropriate settings. "You mean he's NOT going to do the keg stand? What a floozer.
by Marcus November 24, 2004
not smart, act of stupidity
you very kum lan leh, so easy also dunno.
by Marcus October 19, 2004
Nice,good looking clothes, gets attention
Homie those new Gucci Air Force Ones are pimpin Fo Shimpin
by Marcus June 05, 2004
Schuby - N. - Only seen rarely outdoors, this creature survives on caffeine and the light of his monitor alone. A full report can be found at Schuby.org
That Schuby character is wack!
by Marcus November 23, 2003
a pimp that came stright outta compton and moved to detroit... fan of detroit lions
dang that detlion04 be trippin on some shit
by Marcus April 09, 2005
Website allowing users to send masked and anonymous SMS's.
"I'll send you an SMS from theSMSzone!"

Meaning: I'll have fun sending you prank messages!
by Marcus February 17, 2005
A mix of Goku and Owned.
KAMEHAMEHA!!11 ROFL jw0 g0t g0wned!111111111
by Marcus August 27, 2004

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