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nebraska's collegiate football team residing in Lincoln. Changed their name from the bugeaters. This team was very dominant in the 90s, winning 3 national championships in 4 years, and playing in the title game 2 more times and losing under coach Tom Osbourne. A very storied college football team that is currently in a slump.
I like the old Herby Husker better.
by marcus February 01, 2005
A person who enjoys stimulating a uncircumcised penis
Joel told me that Tammy's a real cornhusker.
by John Bob September 20, 2005
(sex term) when a girl gives a hand job to an uncircumsized man
Guy 1: Tina gave me the phatest corn husker last night. It felt so friggen good.
Guy 2: I didn't know you had massive foreskin.
by D1234567654321 January 19, 2007
Following the Iowa Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage (April 2009), the term refers to gay males.
Friend: “Iowa passed a gay-marriage law?! can they be more liberal then California??”

Me: “Apparently so, with a large corn husker community”
by JonKitsune April 05, 2009
You insert a cob of corn in a girls vagina the anal her hard as possible causing the corn to launch from her vagina in to your mouth.
Durnin intense anal sex I decidied to corn husker a girl and caught the corn in my mouth.
by Wrathmonk December 05, 2009
The act of ejaculating on to a woman who is standing at the bottom of a grain silo while you are standing on top of the silo.
-"I heard Old Man Jenkins impregnated his wife by way of the cornhusker."

-"What a legend."
by the hyman bros. May 25, 2010
to rice out a domestic car, the U.S. produces corn and domestic autos, therefore these cars are conhuskers not ricers
a ford focus, with shopping cart wing and fart can would be a cornhusker
by kad cornhusker April 14, 2009