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The happiest fucking cat on earth. Source of happiness is the Something Awful forums.
Patriotic happycat is the best happy cat photoshop IMHO.
by Marcus August 10, 2005

hap•py cat
hapē kat
Adjective Noun

Someone who has a smile and a positive attitude and outlook on life.

A Happy Cat gets up each day with a smile and shows appreciation for all that they have and all of life’s blessings and greets each day and most people with a smile even through adversity as the know every day is a new day and in that new day great things can happen.
He/She is truly a Happy Cat Happy Cat #HappyCat and always has the right attitude in life.

That is one Happy Cat Happy Cat #HappyCat

Respect the Happy Cat Happy Cat #HappyCat
by LOVE777 September 13, 2014
A cat that is:

2) Smilin'

3a) Snortin' OR
3b) Organizin'
What a happy cat! She's happy, she's smilin' she's snortin'!
by HappyCat87 November 04, 2007
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