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tombstones are tranquilizers.
"He sells tombstones"
"She was fcked up on tombstones and oc's."
by L0VE December 09, 2005
57 34
2 mg bar shaped Xanax pills
"hey man you got any pharms?"
"yea dude, i got a couple tombstones i could hook you up with"
by dan0 November 07, 2005
47 37
The act of flipping your sexual partner upside down and performing the standing 69. Inspired by The Undertaker.
I was performing the tombstone during foreplay last night.
by Johndon4578 December 18, 2013
7 0
A pretty decent brand of pizza that could be finally sold for cheap at your local grocery store. Has a very salty taste to it and the pepperoni's are just awesome.
Yeah get the tombstone out and let's dig in, baby!!!
by Unknown person - fucking stalkers December 11, 2007
22 22
A platinum record from a rapper who sold out that is mounted on a record executive's wall.
Record Executive: Sign the contract. Your record will be platinum like all these records on my wall

Rapper: Nah forget that. I don't want my tombstone hangin' on your wall
by El Bimbo November 14, 2010
10 11
A fart that is buried in the coushin of a couch or chair, to avoid the existance. The fart will resurface later when the assailant leaves the room.
Awe, damn! Don't tombstone on my couch, man!
by Nomad008 October 28, 2005
29 42