In My Humble (Honest) Opinion, as in "Speaking IMHO" - A disclaimer of sorts, used on blogs, message boards, forums etc.; used to clarify that the statement being made should not be quoted as a fact, but only as an opinion.
1) Speaking IMHO, I think everyone should have a job of some sort.
2) IMHO, you are a looser.
3) IMHO, this is the best answer.
4) Freedom of speech is Speaking IMHO
by Lil_Stinker August 03, 2009
Supposedly "in my humble opinion", this is always said before someone makes an asshole comment that is not at all humble. Much like "no offense" precedes an offensive comment.
"Your girlfriend is an ugly bitch...IMHO."
by Not Humble June 27, 2009
In my holy/honest/humble opinion.

A rephrasing of imo.

Used in net-speak (read: retarded), it's mainly used to attempt to show that the opinion stated was either godly, true, or was stated by someone with humility. All three of those reasons are what would be simply known as bullshit.
Retard1: omg imho, ur a fag lol.

Jesus: imho, ur goin to hell lol.
by Some friggin' guy. December 17, 2005
In my humble opinion.

This is a saying used by pussies who try too hard not to offend anyone. It's as if they are afraid of someone disagreeing with them which is bound to happen. They fear any type of confrontation. Funny thing is that it can obviously only be used on the internet and who gives a shit if someone on the internet disagrees with you? PUSSIES and MORONS

No one says IMHO in real life. They are the types of people who are believers in "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

Also, IMHO looks absolutely retarded when written in lowercase.
Poon: The Beets are an untalented band,

Pussy: Also, IMHO looks absolutely retarded when written in lowercase, imho.

Outsider: Only bitches use "IMHO"
Bitch: That's just your opinion!
by Sallyboy69 September 19, 2010
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