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When a female holds her breath at the heightening of an orgasm to add intense feelings and sensations.
Last night, in my shower, I gave myself an incredible Herby.
by ---- June 02, 2003
A the feeling of desire for marijuana.

Like hunger is for food, herby is for weed
I'm feeling pretty herby right now, I'm gonna have to pack a bowl.
by tree_ent October 09, 2011
see e-thug one who threatens to do physical harm to another over the internet
quit being like herby, you'll never drive down to texas just to beat the shit out of me
by A Non-a-miss November 22, 2006
my dads poop. he always called it dropping herby off at the playground. Yes i had a strange childhood.
Oh man oh man that herby gave me stretch marks!
by willis November 10, 2003
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