80 definitions by marcus

a large piece of shit used to insult someone or as a friendly way of saying your my friend
also used as a redneck word
Owen you lunker you
by marcus December 21, 2003
What the jew?
Rabbi: I like hitler
Me: WTJ??????????????????????////////
by Marcus April 22, 2004
A penis that hooks towards the left due to a lot of masturbation with the left hand
Damn, you have a massive lefty.
by Marcus January 05, 2005
a great urban poet and rapper
Legacy is da shit
by Marcus July 02, 2004
wanting lots of money
man im really hungry , i'm goin to look for a job
by Marcus June 05, 2004
a woman of african decent's vagina
that is one nasty hairy bagina
by marcus March 29, 2005
short for lan lan in Hokkien, as in you can do nothing about the situation
john didn't get to ask the girl to a hotel, so he LL has to masturbate himself for the night.
by Marcus October 19, 2004

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