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indian term , is said when somone does or say's soemthing stupid and the other person is in disguiste and say's leh
Im the sickest baller!! Leh
by Gurminder/Mandeep January 01, 2004
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Singlish word added after a sentence, similar to la. Possibly borrowed from a local dialect.
Don't do this to me leh.
by KOKOKOKO April 09, 2006
a response to something ridiculous as hell
friend: james is such a fuck boy man, he always posts shirtless pics on insta then complains about thirsties, the niggas whole page is a thirst trap
you: leh
by Deflxte on Instagram May 02, 2015
leh is a term used by lebanese youths on the streets of sydney. leh means you/bro and is a way of adressing a fellow leb.
Ibrahim: Shu Omar!
Omar: Shu Leh, How r ya.
by Mohammed Ismail December 23, 2006
abbreviation for Laughing Even Harder
I am so drunk...I need
Umm that's AA, stop by the GED class while you're there...leh
by LikeButtahBaby October 07, 2010
A combination of LOL and meh, signifying mocking apathy.
Person 1: Did you see that ridiculous commercial the GOP ran on Obama's checkered voting history?
Person 2: Yeah. I saw it. Leh I say. LEH!!!
by Edahn October 31, 2008
means when someone is saying something out of the topic, or saying something that's stupid, the person is in disguiste, so they use the word, leh!
I won a million dollars leh.
by Puneet February 08, 2004

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