80 definitions by marcus

pussy fart expelled by loose pussy lips
Mom, I think Grandma queefed. Does that mean it's time to pull the plug?
by marcus March 26, 2005
To be a cry and a shame... the common mistake is cryin' shame but it account for both cry and shame
We lost, it was a total cry and shame!
by Marcus April 23, 2005
A black leopard or jaguar.
A panther is really just a jaguar or leopard who has black fur.
by Marcus December 01, 2003
Homosexual act between two males.
Those two need to get a room and stop jousting with each other.
by Marcus October 22, 2003
Means the same thing as confused, only has more style
When he started using big words, I became contuvred.
by Marcus February 13, 2005
Telepathy - popularised by such sites as www.psipog.net and other bullshit. A load of crap.
Fool: OMG I HAV DA TP!1111111111111!
Me: yes. yes you do.
by Marcus May 25, 2004
kangtao, meaning tips or inside information, usually for betting/gambling purpose
John, today soccer match got any kt?
by Marcus October 19, 2004

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