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A cover-up slur used by White people for nigga; derives from the discovery of a town in Scotland called Nigg. The inhabitants would thus be people of Nigg, or Niggers.
Tyrone: Yo, wassup my Scotsman?

Tyrell: You got some big Scotsman lips, you know that?

Tyrique: Scotsman please! Scotsman, please.
by The Great22 September 25, 2010
A wuss, a big jessy, can't stand up to his women.

A man who has been completely emasculated by his girlfriends
"Did you see Tony being shouted at by his girlfriend in front of all the guys?"
"Yeah, what a pussy he is such a Scotsman"
by Jane_do_rae_me_fa_so May 20, 2013
To masturbate silently in the corner while watching people engage in sexual activity; often wearing a kilt.
I pulled a scotsman while Tiffany fingered Dilan's ass.
by lolzerker April 06, 2011