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This is not the way it's spelled!
The way to spell "definite" is DEFINITE.
There's no "A" in it! Dammit!
And, while I'm on the subject, there is no "A" in "excellent"!
by anonymous August 06, 2003
309 52
(v.) A combination of two words: define (to assign meaning to a word) and defecate (to take a crap). To assign an arbitrary meaning to a word spontaneously; to fabricate a definition on the spot. In other words: to pull a definition out of your ass. Related: defination (n.)

In a melodious harmony, the word "definate" was, in itself, definated to become a defination.
Users at definate and submit words everyday for the benefit of the general population.
by the_Langolier March 02, 2007
115 59
Proper way of spelling definite.
"This booty is bootylicious. For definate."
by Jimbojangle August 14, 2009
19 134