84 definitions by Cody

A shitty bitch. An exceptionally shitty bitch.
Man, that girl sure is a shitch.
by Cody November 13, 2004
slang for vagina. comes from the slippery secretions of the vagina.
When we get home, I'm going to pull down her pants and play on the slipnslide.
by Cody October 19, 2004
1)One who sucks male genitals.
2)One who puts live chickens in their mouth and sucks.

see also Liberal
"I'll show those cock-suckers where they can stick it"
by Cody March 12, 2003
The pronunciation used by Yogi Bear for prostitute
"Heeeeey a boo-boo, lets get us some prostimatutes!"
by Cody March 12, 2003
like gangsterific but playerific
jake looks so playerific in his new air forces
by cody March 06, 2005
Jizzam is the term for a particulary attractive female, this attraction must be younger and dressed "slutty".
(Girl walks by)
by Cody January 18, 2005
Quik and spiced up way of sayin nigga... or homie.
What up nier.
by CoDy February 12, 2004

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