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84 definitions by Cody

A male or female use touches another male or female under the legal age.
He fingered her? But he's grade 11 and shes only grade 6. Hes such a kiddy diddler, lets kick his ass.
by Cody October 19, 2002
a sport in which skinny people run long distances
Kenyans run crosscountry
by Cody August 24, 2003
Phrase used to describe a funky bassline with many notes in a song. a slang tribute to bootsy collins, bassist in the band parliment/funkadelic
" The new red hot chilli peppers song has some definate bootsy bass goin' on"
by cody July 01, 2003
Name for marijuana that was grown using a hydroponic system.

Hydrochronic is a play on words. A common nickname for very good marijuana is chronic and that fit very easily into the word hydroponic.
DUDE! My friend got me some hydrochronic!
by Cody May 18, 2004
When a guy is titty fucking a girl and right before he blows his load he places his nut sack in her mouth for a good sucking and sprays his man juice all over the top of her hair.
Wes gave that bitch ass ptp'er a frosted malt last night!
by Cody May 04, 2004
a creation made by max g. or cody s.
that ring is so hobofied!
by cody September 11, 2003
slang term for an older model, gigantic luxury car.
"Johnny thinks he's cool driving that crappy lead sled his granfather gave him."
by cody January 10, 2005