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the stuff that comes out of Robzilla's ass
Crap, Robz is eating his boardchow again.
by Anon. April 09, 2003
Someone who blatantly attempts to hide a lack of understanding in a skilled discipline (particularly in computing), using arrogance and the humiliation of others as key methods.

Used to describe a blagger
"He's a bit of a Bing"

"That Bing will never get that through QA"
by Anon. March 01, 2005
The Scourge of all guys on out of state field trips.

It is when the chaperone asks you to keep an eye on the women to make sure the don't end up raped or drunk. Ususally gets pinned on one or two guys in the group, and drives them crazy especially when either the guys have a conscience or the women have no reguard for how hard it is for the guys to keep an eye on then.
How was yur trip???
Yeah i spent all night babysitting. . .
Sucks to be you dude.
by anon. April 19, 2005
The act of going down on a girl during 'that time of the month'.
You gave her a Peaches Geldof?? You sick fucker!
by Anon. November 28, 2004
Abreviation for Royal Crown Cola, a generally Southern drink often enjoyed with peanuts placed in the bottom of the bottle
Two RC's and a bag of peanuts, please
by anon. July 18, 2003
1) adj. many, several
2) adv. extremely

formerly exclusive to b-town (circa 1980). now common throughout northern california, but considered peculiar elsewhere.
1) damn, there hella fools up in here!

2) ooh, that salsa hella hot!
by anon. January 17, 2004
A guy I no called Caolan Cotter Who is A REAL PIKE. and hes Irish and he thinks hes well'ard. he is a bit of a cock and he sucks donkey dick. Also there are pikes in tonbridge who come and stand outside and shout abuse at us because they fink its clever. thay also think that 1+1 is clever and spelling words is genius. basically dumasses with no fasion sense who wear designer clothes and cant do anything except drugs.
1. - Let's go to Bromley. Its full of pikes. they live on the street.
by Anon. February 24, 2004
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