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Nazi Secret Service. Practically every SS officer had committed war crimes.
Elite German soldiers were drafted into the SS during WW2.
by anon. November 26, 2003
A grenade launcher usually attached to the bottom of an M-16 or M4 assault rifle. More commonly known to Soldier of Fortune 2 players as the n00b cannon due to the fact it is easy to use and can frag a player in one shot, hence it is a favourite among n00bs.
Shiiiiiit! I just got fragged by that n00b and his M203 n00b cannon.
by Anon. January 11, 2004
A sick and twisted gimp, known for lying more than Pinnochio.
That GM. What a damn retard.
by anon. August 15, 2003
Some echild junkie, attends raves. He is a naughty boy. Tends to engage in conflict with others for the humour value.
"Oh look, its Haste! Omg. Omg. Omg."
by Anon. April 03, 2005
oranized running
who's ready for some organized running..?
by anon. May 10, 2003
-A man who serves as a 'maintenance man' for women.
-Someone to 'hit you off' when you need it.
I called up my hitman because I needed some maintenance
by Anon. May 19, 2004
Known by many as the Isle of Shite. "People" from this godforsaken island are seen as inbred weirdos by most. They have a cool glass making factory.
a) Welcome to the island
b) my sister is also my aunt and is married to my first cousin, and they have 6 children. If you take all their childrens body parts then you'll get 1 and a half full humans
by anon. April 26, 2004
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