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An overly clumsy person who seems to have no control over his/her body.
"Did you trip up your heels AGAIN? You're such a mess!!"
by NZAzN K' October 17, 2003
154 86
When someone is really funny
If you say something funny someone else may say, "You a mess".
by Ms. Drisco July 25, 2008
118 91
A person whose life has fallen into disrepair. Or one who is suffering the effects of intoxicating substances, perhaps on a prolonged basis.
Grant woke up at 3 in the afternoon after drinking all night, smacking his bird, pissing over his living room carpet and listening to back to back babyshambles LPs. He then cracked open anothe special brew and switched MTV on. 'MESS!'
by Dan Daman December 29, 2005
88 70
to engage in an act of self pleasure
'Look at that dirty man messing with himself.'
by robbo December 07, 2003
74 61
1. to hang out with a person with the intention of getting together and/or date. Term used in the south.

2. to be involved in the period before dating a person.
They used to mess, but now he with this other chick.
by kuyoko April 02, 2010
30 26
someone who eat rustler's burger for breakfast and shagged phycho girl, then went back for seconds
back for sloppy seconds? mess!
by whiiiiil May 04, 2011
15 12
Dr Spooner makes reference to meß on ITM

But Dr Spooner is self centered and full of shit.

Because meß had no definition until I typed these words!
Dr Spooner is meß
by NewjackThe2nd May 27, 2009
7 4