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Hot + nerd
"She's hot but she betrays a few elements of nerdyness.."

"ya she's defo a herd"

by martin boonham December 19, 2008
A herd is a group of fat women that group together at bars for protection. While Increasing the chances of finding a drunkin mate.
I sat accross the bar and watched a herd roam through the dace floor.
by Darrell (Pops) Wilson February 19, 2008
alot, lots, many, plural, multiple
There were herds of babes at that party on Saturday night.
by Mitch F October 14, 2007
"herds", being from South Jersey we used this word to mean
a long time, between times and years, etc.
"I havent seen them in herds!"
"We havent spoken in herds!"
by Christine V August 20, 2007
the act of being super gay and/or doing something homosexual.
"N*gga you bein' straight herd right now."

"Tight jeans on guys is so herd."
by 405-LOSTboys May 05, 2010
to act overly homosexual; to enjoy being gay in public; the ultimate insult
dude, quit acting so herd right now.

man, those skinny jeans are so herd.
by JAYMEE MOYYNe May 05, 2010
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