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A hard penetrating smack on the top of the head. Preferably using knuckles or a solid inanimate object.
Tell Bowlhead I'm gonna monkey nut him if he pisses me off anymore.
by Usman Yasin January 22, 2008
a large, hairy scrotum.
nigga, yo monkey nuts be stinking up my crib! you best wash that stank off!
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
A nickname for crack cocaine. Predominately used in the south, it refers to a larger than normal sized piece of crack cocaine. Made popular by the rap group UGK.crackcrack cocaineboulderyayorockyambangermonkey nuts
Mane, that nigga over there be servin' them big fat monkey nuts!
by URASuka June 18, 2009
A big chunk of crack rock (crack/cocaine)

tell dem boyz around the corner i got dem monkey nuts
by HtownHardHead January 04, 2008
The previously unrecognized insanity of a friend, family member, coworker, or casual acquaintance. The condition of having hidden your mental dementia successfully for a considerable length of time but then are suddenly discovered to be tree swinging, shit flinging kookoo. Tragically failing to keep secret one's complete lack of sanity.
Yeah, I went to the shooting range with Sarah Palin, and damn if she didn't blast a Blue Jay for no damn good reason. That crazy ass bitch be Monkey Nuts!

Last week Sarah Palin came over to my house and before I knew what was happening she had pumped 6 rounds from her long barrel .357 magnum into my Barker Lounger. She said she saw a rabid possum, but it was my sweet little kitty cat, Fuzzles. Fuzzles is dead, and that that Monkey Nuts bitch murdered him.
by A Lovely Shart April 28, 2015
anyone that can or will make an error in judgement
that guy is a monkeynut you here what he did last night
by Paul Hillan September 25, 2007
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