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To Skeem is to smoke marijauana habitually
Nick is a fucking skeemer
Wanna go skeemin'?
by anon. July 18, 2003
a school with lots intellectual kids, who are good writers and are interested in worldy/cultural ideas. a school for the open-minded. everybody at penfield is very educated.
those penfield kids are really smart!
by anon. May 23, 2004
To pleasure a girl using your tongue (guyz...don't go inside, just go for the clit...it's aallll good)
"hey babe, wanna come over and eat your baby girl out tonight?"
by anon. April 02, 2005
short version of cigar
"what's that?"
"a gar"
by anon. December 22, 2004
Completely incredibly person who's mental capacities far beyond that of any other human. Especially a Swede.
Holy crap, that norwegian just invented a cure for cancer while taking a dump!
by anon. April 08, 2005

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