61 definitions by Anon.

1) A man without troubles, yet troubled by the exact same thing which temporarily eliminates his troubles in the first place. A man about town, but one which is being chased for socially unacceptable behaviour. A man with small ideas but massive potential. A man with a vision, such a vision which will be smashed come morning or soberness.

2)Someone whose Drank to much
"Look out, Bifti's coming!"
"I wouldnt do that unless I was Bifti"
"You've got us into another fine mess Bifti"
"Just this once Bifti"
by Anon. April 04, 2005
To have total control; to be able to do something well, used in a future tense
I'm all over it

You need me to mow your lawn? Alright man I'm all over it
by anon. July 18, 2003
That ineffable place where the best golfer can be black, the best rapper white, and the president a letter of the alphabet.
America! I love this country! - Y. Smirnov
by anon. June 09, 2003
Someone who blatantly attempts to hide a lack of understanding in a skilled discipline (particularly in computing), using arrogance and the humiliation of others as key methods.

Used to describe a blagger
"He's a bit of a Bing"

"That Bing will never get that through QA"
by Anon. March 01, 2005
A rouge;one likely to be hanged.
The theif was a stupid wag-halter
by anon. December 20, 2003
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