A pioneer in that they know that the social arena these days is throughly poisoned and full of just plain ol' non-mentally handicapped retards (i.e., people who, if they only tried just a little bit, could actually use their brains and then might make themselves somewhat bearable).
Therefore, so-called "social retards" are smart enough to stay away from that shitfest (i.e., most bars and clubs) and realize that it would be a total waste of energy to spend time out with those stupid looking, ugly morons.
It's better to be a social retard than a retard that actually sees something good in going out to a toxic social envirnment like a bar.
by sheallee March 22, 2009
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That joke was so freaking funny that Brittany SOL'd
by SHAVC November 09, 2010
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When guys get together and tell annoying/weird/funny stories about their girlfriends.
"She was still pissed about something I said in my sleep 6 weeks ago"
"Dem Crazy Bitches!"
by MaHaBone January 29, 2004
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Esra is an amazing and wonderful girl. She's beautiful while being humble at the same time. Esra is loyal and always takes care of others. She loves helping others even when she gets nothing back. Esra even puts on a smile when she's sad so others don't feel the same. She likes to make other people happy and she loves her friends and family. Esra is just simply awesome. Esra is practically amagical unicorn!
Esra is awesome.
I think I'm in love with Esra.
Esra, I want to marry you!
by Your daddys son January 17, 2017
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When 2 girls have a totally platonic love for each other. A bit like a bromance.
Alice: Oh, I totally love you girl!

Kerry: Yeah, same here!

Alice: We're totally in a sisterationship.

Kerry: For life!
by ALICEHARRIS July 09, 2011
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is the waste matter from a living beings back passage:POO
"steal the bum eggs from the pan, much to the owners bemusement"
by Ian_666 August 11, 2004
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someone who loves whirlled peas and faggots
man savannah is such a money mouth
by jordan September 06, 2004
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