Abbreviation for "What A Darn Shame" or "What A Damn Shame." Often used sarcastically or in trivial matters.
"I can't go to the party on Saturday. I'm visiting relatives."
by SDAWyzoohw November 10, 2015
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What a girl tells a guy to let him know that in addition to not wanting to have sex with him right now, she will ruin his life in 35 years.
The high school girl told the drunk guy at the party "No". At the time he thought she meant she didn't want to have sex with him. 35 years later he found out that she really meant that she would ruin his career and diminish the accomplishments he achieved in his adult life.
by RepWin September 30, 2018
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Ali is a really great guy. He is a really mature person, he is also really understanding and selfless. He’s the type of guy to be there for you when it comes down to it. He’s usually honest and really straight up. He acts really tough but is the biggest sweetheart at the same time, he’s a really caring guy. Well known and pretty easy going. He’s the type of guy every girl wants. But you wouldn’t know him, he’s got long ish hair and a mole on his right cheek. He’s precious.
I wish I had Ali
by Linzey.1 November 21, 2019
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A little fkn twat. Nobody likes him. He short, scronny and a smartass.
Don't be a Jarrad
by HUDDER26 October 03, 2017
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'Bougwan' is a term meaning master in African. In general terms it is used when a dieing woman of inferior caste is in a cave (mortally wounded by an old witch doctor) and wishes to confess her undieing love for a adventurous English gentleman.

The word has fallen out of fashion since the decline of Empire, and indeed it is difficult to see under what circumstances it would today be used.
"Ah! Bougwan, I die!" gasped the beautiful creature. "She crept out-- Gagool; I did not see her, I was faint--and the door began to fall; then she came back, and was looking up the path--I saw her come in through the slowly falling door, and caught her and held her, and she stabbed me, and I die, Bougwan!"

"Say to my lord, Bougwan, that--I love him, and that I am glad to die because I know that he cannot cumber his life with such as I am, for the sun may not mate with the darkness, nor the white with the black."
by Sir Henry Curtis' December 27, 2009
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To cum on a girls back then stick her to the carpet.
I gluesticked her last night
by japraptor March 21, 2005
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A person who has trouble controling their volume. They offten ejaculate at random times spouting obscenities. These people usually become child molesters.


1 Boy: HEY there. YOUR such a pretty LITTLE girl!
2 Girl: Eww He is so a Dork-a-muss
by Suechan January 23, 2007
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