that kid is extremely obese, and he is obsessed with counter strike
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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PIRM:- Paris In Riot Mode. The Parisians, not to forget some of their friends and allies, are mainly in PIRM - but - only when they are awake - AND not in August when it's shut down for their holidays.
Listen beautiful, I just wanna take you on a long weekend holiday, some time in August, for a few days, when Paris might be in PIRM free mode, get the picture?
by 1STFABARM May 15, 2019
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To return to an earlier state, the opposite of renovate or gentrify.
The hippies spashed brown paint on the walls of their building, removed a door, and broke two windows in an effort to retrovate.
by Mr. Noah Tall January 29, 2011
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aka mold farm. A perfect place to hide rotten ravioli and popcorn kernels as well as any other random shit you may encounter in your fridge. this may include milk, pancakes, vinegar, bread, eggs, and CLAUSSEN pickles. beware of maggots and older, slightly more mature people finding it in a cabinet in your basement.
The kids parents were f-ing pissed when they found that bad-ass m.f. in the cellar because it smelled like corn chunkidge.
by DJ and Caroline April 11, 2007
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A woman that is timid or afraid of engaging in intercourse.

A woman that has the desire to engage in sexual activities but detains due to guilt or shame.
His behavior and comments that night, intern made her become dickshy.

Although she was interested, her longing for her ex made her dickshy.
by Whore-able_&_Adorable February 6, 2018
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