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One who acts, talks or looks like a creeper, rapist, pedophile.. etc. Likely to touch those who are unwilling to be touched. Most pptouchers will deny that they are one when accused.
1: *pptouching*

2: you are such a pptoucher.

1: wutever a pptoucher is u are one

2: Way to deny it.... pptoucher
by lardasss September 27, 2010
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One who touches a dick. Could be an insalt or could be used just for fun. Comes from the latin root sucky sucky.
by Aaron Henderson Matt Pringle January 10, 2009
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a piece of queer bait that likes to fondle men's juicy genitalia. . . in other words a dong monger. . .
Jon aka JDubz is a PPtoucher, I saw him eyeing Jason Basic
by Mary Basic February 10, 2003
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