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to smoke weed sercretly or in a secretive manner preferrably in the shade so smoke isnt as visible and the risk of being caught or busted is less.
find a cut, or just zurp in the shade,
by Lordizzle November 05, 2006
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All of the bad words combined together... can be used in any context. The sign for "zurp you" is not the middle finger but the pinky finger.
What the zurp!?
Zurp you!
Go zurp yourself!
Wow, you look so fucking zurpy today!
Shut the zurp up, you mother zurper!!
by diggity May 07, 2005
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A verb used to describe the state of complexity presented by consuming lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). The word itself signifies the idea of making sense to all that encompasses the world. It's Zurp; the energy the holds us together, the force, the power of life, the truth to existence.

It's often used to replace the verb "to fry".
"Hey Suzie, why are you acting so weird?"
".... Oh...I'm Zurpified!"

As I lay there staring at the birds fading into the distance, I suddenly Zurped into action and instantaneously received 1000 realizations.
by BeamingLight June 06, 2009
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the modern interpretation of the word "yeet", with a sprinkle of the implication indicating "yes"
"do you like my shoes?"
by J.K. Rice-ing June 06, 2018
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1.A word meaning that n which can be substituted for all words mainly adjectives

2.when said 3 times at the end of a phrase in refering to the act of saying the phrase in reverse after the original way.(Most commonly in song)
Person 1: What the zurp u doin
Person 2: Just Ova here zurping
Person 1: damn i aint had a good zurp in a minute
Ready on the right/Ready on the left /Ready on the Left on the Right Zurp Zurp Zurp

Hit em in the head with the lead/with the lead in the head where i hit em @ zurp zurp zurp
by Royal07 March 01, 2010
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Zurp comes from the word ''zur''. This is much like the word yup. however yup is a muffin fucking, son of a crack whore, loser. Where zur is a cool britsh, son of a slut, cupcake fucker. The ''p'' was added due to the line in "lollipop '.....jerp jerp.....berp berp.." because zurp is rarely used alone. Zurp is also used like 'yeah'
Sergio "hey did u like the movie?"
Kat "zurp zurp"
by kittyxXxcolor July 15, 2009
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Created by Catherine, member of DACC, meaning "dead." Only used when referring to an obscene situation.

Synonym: "Sike"
Dominique: "Do you want to read a book?"
by Catherine* February 10, 2009
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