Man, just as I was about to fuck that fat bitch, I started to grab her tits. It was then thatI realized that they were nothing more than triangular mounds of fat covered with zitties.
by ethan bishop April 26, 2007
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When a persons chest has more zits on it then any other part of his/her body. It can also be used to insult or offend someone.
Vinny: Dude! Check out Mary, shes got zitty titties!
Bendino: Thats nasty!

Carlito: Hey zitty titties, come over here for a second.
by crazy case May 20, 2008
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What NOT to call your girlfriend when you see her and her face grew a new moon colony overnight.
Your Girl: Hey you still wanna go to that BBQ at Pickle's house?
You: Not with you, ZITTY VON ZITTLES!
Your Girl: <SLAP!> ASSHOLE!
by The Cheetah Dude July 4, 2005
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A song by måneskin
Also means quiet and good in English
Vi conviene toccarvi i coglioni
Vi conviene stare zitti e buoni
by Diretioner💖 August 16, 2021
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Super hotttt sooo hot it will break the internet seggsy even
Brad:Lettuce is looking zitty today

Chad:I know right she’s so hot all the time
by NOT A CAT MONSTER April 4, 2021
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