a good talking point to get laid. If you can't style hair, do a manicure or pedicure, or can't cook, helping her with her zits is the next thing she'll be grateful for. If you're lucky, they're on her face (promoting eye contact) or on the top of her breasts (promoting eye candy) or somewhere south of her bellybutton (where you get to look at her snatch)
I offered to help her with her zits. We showered together, I towelled her dry, then began to really clean her. For the large ones, I froze them individually with an icecube, then expressed them, and applied an antibiotic cream. The ones in the lower end of her bush were most exciting, I was rock hard. I left the ones on her upper back for last. We lay there, her back to my front. As I slowly worked on her, I slipped my p*nis between her lips and gently rocked until I came on her. How cud she be disgusted when I'd been picking her zits all afternoon ?
by J.R. J. January 05, 2004
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syn. To pimp. One who is like a pimp.
Man he such a zit,look how he workin them ladies.He gon cut her up tonight.
by Jizz March 17, 2005
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