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ABC Gum is chewing gum that has 'A'lready 'B'een 'C'hewed. Hence the name, ABC .
Random guy: Hey, do you have any gum?
Another Random guy: Ya here's some!
The first Random guy: No thanks! That's ABC gum! Yuck!!!
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The act of rubbing. To rub an object firmly back and forth.
I clean the table by rubbing an old rag across it.
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A great place if you want a long vacations from home and good people. All you have to do is commit a good crime and get caught.
Why do I have to go to prison for stealing? Baseball players do that all the time and they don't get in trouble!

Don't be such a idiot!
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A zit is an annoying, big, red, and usually painful pimple that's on your face. You don't want one. It's zero fun.
Guy that looks in mirror: Oh yikes! I have a huge zit smack in the middle of my face!
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