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Be quiet. In other words, shut your freakin' mouth.
"Zip it Paul! You're so obnoxious."
by Melissa January 20, 2004
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a popular catch-all term first widely used by loudmouth TV show host Morton Downey Jr.. He was always popping off the chops about what he believed in and he frequently shoved his ideas on others and shouted down his rivals/opponents/adversaries/whatever by trying to have the last word on everything, name calling, interjecting put-downs, shooting his mouth off like a kid and often giving the final retort of "Zip it!". His show caused quite a stir in 1988 - 1989, it was what people in colleges and workplaces discussed a lot. The worse legacy from it all is that in the coming decade and into the 21st century a tidal wave of sensational journalism, obnoxious TV and radio dunderheads, stupid one track mind politicians and other cretins belching nerve gas, intolerant attitudes and hatred would pollute the media, government and entertainment worlds.
Most TV, radio, other forms of entertainment and political commentary is justegotistical trash. There's just a bunch of arrogant screechy foos who are rigid and not open to other ideas. They tell others to "Zip it!" or to "fuck yourself" like a certain Dick said to a Congress man all those years ago, and there is a stench of arrogant pushoverness, closed-mindedness and egos larger than the planet Jupiter (and that's HUGE, fellas! Over 1500 X larger than Earth). I wish people would zip it and listen to each other again. I wish there was respect for diverse ideas and such again. Everybody zip it. You don't have all the right answers to everything. Neither do I.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 04, 2009
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A term used to your wife, girlfriend, children or pets to get them to shut their traps when they are being rather annoying. This term can only be used by the man of the house.
by Lonster71 May 27, 2017
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