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Feeling for someone who is a Shloompa, A dance for the depressed where one makes a sad face, swings his arms around, shakes rapidly, and says "Muhh!"
I think Johnny's a shloompa, I saw Muhh-ing yesterday
by Ace Altman October 15, 2007
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a person that acts as a complete idiot; a person that fails when one attempts to do something
He is such a muhh, I cannot believe he lost all of his money on a single bet.
by THE LARGEST LARGE April 10, 2010
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The sound seldom expressed when emphasizing a burp or belch or something of that nature. Usually with a low raspy emphasis on the word.
In order to burp I made the sound Muhh!! to emphasize it
by sean davy December 04, 2007
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The Acrinum for the Hip Hop school&or University for the teachings of HipHop Kulter (Massarchusytts Unyversyt~ of Hip Hop) Founded by CONSCYOUS a.k.a L.M.K.
M.U.H.H. is the place to come and learn all u need to know about the Kultere and life style of HIP HOP.
by L.M.K July 06, 2006
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A different type of moan... just do a moaning sound but with the word muhh. It will satisfy your needs!!
Dude that girl muhhed so loud last night it was like mmmmuuuuuhhhhhh!!!
by TheDankKid6969 May 14, 2018
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The feeling you get when you mix booze and drugs/medication, can also be defined as being Cross faded. The difference being, MUHH is more of a sick feeling than a heavy intoxication.

Term founded on the night of 9/15/2018, when the MUHH'd person attempted to describe how they felt--like a "spaghetti noodle"--after ingesting anti-inflammatory medication with alcohol earlier in the day.
Dave: Yooo I was so MUHH last night that I cuddled with the toilet and fell asleep in the bath.
Joe: Y'all need Anti-MUHH.
Dave: Anti-MUHH?
Joe: Water. Lots of it.
by Searny September 16, 2018
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