its italian

it's uncle but in italy thay also use it to say friend
bella zio = hay man
by vivian brook December 3, 2006
A short good looking person with a shy personality when you get to know them there not shy at all they are also very smart but there kind of haters at heart and a great friend to have and also have a weird laugh when they

laugh hard.
by Zio Cespedes October 19, 2019
Badass street nigga, who has a rocket launcher for a dick. Chicks dig him, he hates gold-diggers. Ride or die with him. King.
Ho 1: I wanna get with zio so bad
Ho 2: Wanna do it together? Zio drips so much swag he wouldn't mind!
by Abso3456 September 19, 2019
Someone who vandalizes property (public or private) willfully and illegally or commits other illegal actions.
(Can be pronounced "zigh-oh")
Dave is such a zio, did you see him spray paint the side of the school?
by Athena Harrington April 28, 2008
Zio is a name to laugh at. He's a male so full of shit he's bored with life. He breaks people's hearts like a total lunatic and doesn't bother to stitch it up back together. He feels swag and dank but he's really a full-blown dick. He only cares about ass and nuts, he doesn't look into feelings and all that shit. In other words, he's an asshole.
Dude 1: Zio's such a cool guy. He has all the awesomeness in the world.
Dude 2: Bitch where?
Dude 3: That guy's such an asshole you know?
by applemanthingy August 28, 2017
Famosa frase creata da una parodia di Bobone Vieri, zio porcone.
Io direi di no, zio porcone.
Vedi che figa, zio porcone.
by RaaandyOrton August 12, 2016
A Nazi that kisses Zionist ass.
Volksfront(as seen on Gangland) hated Jews last month but today they appear to be Zio-Nazis.
by realniggahhh November 2, 2011