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A ferocious dangerous creature that gnaws fingers and toes off. Known to inhabit basements and lurks on poles and other small dark places. Sometimes will attempt to lure victims by making small calling noises and pretending to be friendly, but them attacks without provocation. Very small versions of this are referred to as WeeZills.
Help, a WeeZill has got me!
by Dan January 19, 2004
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Zill is a creature that hides under beds but is invisible to adults. It never dies and it's everywhere your not looking. Rarely called a Ziller. No relation to Godzilla.
I heard a zill under my bed but when my parents checked there was nothing there.
by Zillhandler December 08, 2008
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Breasts, boobs, bazongas, mammary glands.

A word my boyfriend started using because he is very creative, and it has stuck.
"Man check out those zills."

by Alicia Jean March 09, 2007
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