Term of endearment which means " my people ".

Zigga is used only positively to promote unity and positivity to all people as a whole opposed to negative words that are derogatory towards people of different races and or cultures.

Zigga is the answer
Hey! Whats going on my Zigga???
nothing much just hangin, Zigga u want to grab some beers and chill?
YEA im down for beers with my ziggas all day
by tonymcII August 11, 2011
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1. Gangsta Azians that act like niggas, but add their own shit to da mix.
2. Fobs.
3. Asian Gangsta wannabes.
You mess with one of em ziggas the rest'll jump ya.
by eNrAgEd AzIaN March 15, 2004
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A combination of two words. Zoe and nigga. A term of endearment commonly used in and originated in Florida.
Jean: Ay what's goin my zigga.

Pierre: Aint nuttin fool, where the rest of them ziggas at?
by Daddyfs July 10, 2008
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1.Gangsta (G)2.nigga non-profan way of saying it.
"Was up my zigga(nigga)"
"C'mone zigga(G)"
by Matt March 30, 2005
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when u stick 4 fingers up sumones butt and yell zigga ... discretely
hey bro whats up...
wheres john...
ahhhh!!! my ass crack
by Sean Jaskiewicz September 06, 2007
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Pseudo-Gangsta term of endearment for someone whose name starts with a "Z". Zhenja, for example.
To Zhenja: What up, Zigga? Lookin' hella good in those braids!
by HaydenNYC January 08, 2009
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