When currant prices are defined by simply adding a zero to previous years prices.
Last year, a gallon of milk was $3.00. Now it's $30.00. The only increase in value is just to add a zero inflation price..
by juan phat kat April 13, 2022
Girls that are down for to be loyal royal guards for zeros kingdom
by Zero!!! June 30, 2021
The word “zero one two three four five six seven eight nine” is not used in a sentence. It’s used to spell out the numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 instead of writing them as digits.
by bluestinger66 September 2, 2022
A Participant Zero is a no life looser who sits on his fat butt all day looking at pictures of stuff he will never get. He thinks he can actually be cool by talking to people in a rude manor. He tries to flirt with girls and gets rejected because his dick is too small. Not only is he unloved by his family, but he is unloved by the people of his own race. He makes Asians look bad and Bronies of all kinds disgrace him. People die of laughter when they see his chinky face. If you are a Participant Zero, You have no soul.
Ex: " Oh My God! Participant Zero is online! RUN FOR YOU LIVES!"
Ex: " Everyone Throw Tomatoes At the Participant Zero!"
by CupCake304 June 10, 2011
Allies to one of the best hacking crews on the internet RLA Specialise in taking out noob crews that just talk shit and cant prove there skills for example Yahoo Most Wanted, Owning noobs sites, that try and attack theres and fail... Founders are Havik And Diablo... Ex Members Of The Metal Daze Crew... oh and clydes worst nightmare
Havik From Zero tolerance exploited clydes noob ass.. LOLOLOL
by _Havik_ November 8, 2006
-zt- for short, the most honorable, skilled and stylistic clan on w2. if you happen to ever meet a member of this legendary clan, then give him money.
w0ozle no0zle -zt- pwnz all
by -zt-still December 8, 2004