You dirty MF looking at dat Loli eh?
by KingOooferlord January 4, 2019
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Loli has 3 definitions, arranged according to popularity. (Source at the bottom)

1. Loli - Young girl/Young-looking girl; age neutral; SFW by default. Its also used to describe a body type, age is ignored.

Its an abbreviation of Japanese colloquial word "Lolita", which has exactly the same meaning defined above. (Don't confuse it with the twisted American definition of "Lolita".)

2. Loli - Abbreviation of Lolita Fashion. example: goth-loli, wa-loli, hime-loli, etc.

The 'Lolita' in Lolita fashion is also derived from the same 'Lolita' defined in (1). Its a victorian style fashion mixed with Japan's kawaii culture.

3. Loli - Abbreviation of lolicon (Lolita Complex), which is an attraction to loli(1). The attraction can be non-sexual, or sexual. Barely anyone uses 'loli' as 'lolicon', to the point that no one actually knows that this definition even exist. Only used in a very specific context, or very 'special' kind of people.

Hentai sites doesn't actually use this definition in their tags, they use the first definition. Ironically, this is used by 'special' people in twitter, tiktok, and even facebook, just to fit their narrative that this word is a 'bad/derogatory' word, and will only spread this definition to others, ignoring the first and second definition.

Sources (google it):
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Example 1:
Person A: "Finally! my loli(1) squad is complete!"
Person B: "noo! don't call them loli(3)! do you know it has sexual connotations?"
Person A: "huh? loli(1) means young girl/young-looking girl in my tweet. wtf are you talking about?"

Example 2:
Person A: "Don't you think this goth-loli (2) dress look cute?"
Person B: "uhmmm.... i think you should stop using the word loli(3)? Its a derogatory word."
Person C: "omg someone's is offended over a fucking fashion style."
by ChibikkoJanaiYo November 29, 2021
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It's short for lollipop. Nothing else.
"Hey man, can you hook me up with a loli?"
"Sure thing dude, gimme a sec."
by TotallyNotAnLLWikiAdmin September 13, 2019
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The simple definition for loli is young girl.

The more accurate definition is a small and/or young girl with a small frame, meaning flat chest, small waist and hips, but they act usually in a cute and innocent manner. Usually in animes, the typical loli will be shorter than the rest of the characters, even for their age.
She is a loli.

Do you like lolis?

That is definitley a loli.
by MR T21B SNIPER May 21, 2020
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A female in anime that has a child-like appearance when they are actually NOT underage, but sometimes, again SOMETIMES they are underage.
Do you think Uzaki-Chan's a loli bruh?
by YourOpinionIsWrongFuckOff September 1, 2020
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It literally just means an anime girl who looks young and has a child like body, regardless of whether she's 18+ or not. It is not a bad word you idiots, the bad word is lolicon, a person who is attracted to lolis. Loli does not mean a sexualized child.

Also please don't call real people lolis. Please learn how to differentiate between anime girls and real girls. Don't take japanese words and twist them into something they're not, and then try to cancel a Japanese person for saying loli because 'according to your definition loli is a sexual word' stfu
Oh wow, are we getting a new loli character in Genshin Impact?
by Ko_ August 1, 2021
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