A lovely gentle girl with a heart of gold. A Zephyr is a girl who will back you up through anything and is always a shoulder to cry on. Although she is gentle and a beautiful soul, a Zephyr is also a determined and selfless. She’ll do anything to protect the ones she loves. A gorgeous young lady who loves to love, and is amazing in every aspect, and if she loves you then nothing will stop her from being there for you through everything. She is creative, intelligent and hard working, she is so bright and bubbly and hides her feelings behind a fake smile. A Zephyr will try to convince you she’s fine when she’s not. but standing by her through anything will get you a friend for life.
person 1: “my new friend is so amazing, and she stood up for me without even knowing me well”
person 2 “oh yeah? what’s her name?”
person 1 “ her name is Zephyr”
by Angels.2407 January 2, 2021
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1. a light breeze
2. A very nice guy who probably won't leave you alone and will call you 4/7 days in a week. However, you must not get tired of this person, because once you get to know them Zephyrs are very nice and you'll probably get platonically or romantically married
1. This is a nice zephyr
2. So, this is my friend Zephyr
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An amazing boy. He's always there for you, he's attractive af and funny as hell. He's the kind of person who will ask if you want to talk about it if you say you aren't feeling great. He's obsessed with games such as DMC5, RDR and AC:S.

Love you Zeph <3

-Paceman :D
I love Zephyr!

IKR!! He's so funny!
by Payton <3 December 23, 2021
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A person who picks up his dog shit then throws the bag in the bush .
Damn Zephyrs throwing their dog shit bags in the forest
by Sunnychibas May 14, 2021
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Zephyr is the name of hot people, it means west wind. It is a privilege to be named Zephyr !! If you ever encounter a Zephyr just know that they are the funniest,coolest, nicest person you know. They’re sensitive ass mfs though so please be careful on what you say around them.
“Zephyr’s so hot
“Zephyr’s so cool!”
“Zephyr’s so funny LOL !”
by toothpickle July 14, 2021
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She's a fricking smart girl, she's usually short but she can be really aggressive . She's drop dead gorgeous with some CAKE👅 She has a lot of good friends, most likely taller than her. She always sticks up for her friends she has the balls to do anything and say anything. Shes drop dead gorgeous and a feisty hottie.
Person 1: frick I want a zephyr

Person 2: WOAH look at that zephyr
by ChloeFoewy December 13, 2020
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A bong made from household items such as a water bottle.
Root: Zephyrhills 1 gallon bottles which are ideal for the task
Hey guys you should come by my house before the G rated movie to assemble the Zephyr.
by incrediblyattractive July 16, 2009
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