A state of mind in which one is calm and impassive and does not betray their true emotions. Nothing phases one who is zen.
Erica: Hey Jackie, do you wanna go the mall today?
Jackie *being zen but not rude*: Whatever.
Erica: So is that a yeah?
Jackie: Thats cool.
Erica *losing her cool and thus any sense of zen*: ??????
by Settit November 09, 2008
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Arabic word that means "fine" or "ok"; usually used to answer the following questions:
both questions mean (how r u?)
arab 1 : shlonq?
arab 2 : zen
by M3S0P0T4M1C4 October 17, 2008
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British ISP providing high speed Internet connections to people.
Zen were at number one in the speed tests again this month
by boggits July 07, 2003
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Being zens is taken from around 100AD when it was a term used for being a ladies man. Further, it was thought that anyone known to be a zens, or bear the name zens to have an incredibly large penis to back up thier sexual prowess after the pulling stage.
1.Wow, that guy truly is zens, look at that lady he just pulled.

2. It's a shame im not zens, that lady would be mine around about now.
by bobby charlaton March 24, 2008
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zen, often achieved through smokin' pot. Great feeling of serenity and peace. Without a doubt the best way to live life.
Sat on the couch with my pipe and a smoke in the ash tray. A trippy show flashed in the backround on the TV. Alone with my thoughts. Truely zen.
by blizz April 17, 2003
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A word that was butchered by a band called Bush in their song, "Everything Zen" and now nobody knows what it means.
Try to see it once my way... Everything zen, everything zen, I don't think so.
by Beastiezekiel August 21, 2005
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