Zen a.k.a Hyun Ryun from Mystic Messenger. Doesn't like Jumin or Cats. Is Allergic to cat fur. Is a complete narcissitic but mm players aren't sure between who is the worst narcisstic as 707 stated. Had a lot of fangirls and one of them is Jaehee, is a musical actor with good looks and talents.
MM PLAYER 1: Do you know Zen?
MM PLAYER 1: The moment you realize that he is only a fiction character and not in real life
MM PLAYER 2: He is too good to be true, Zen is perfection
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The idea of being one with your mind, so that self-perfection, self-preservation, and self-renouncement are freely available. One who studies the power of "zen" is one who challenges him- or herself to attaining complete physical confidence through mental stability. The power of zen is often manifested in the physical world as telepathy or entropy, and more so in the spiritual world as post-death abominations.
"He was so attuned with zen that he could see the future."
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002
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buy the domain for your travel site
Productline by Creative. Portable music players which are similar to but not equal to the ever too popular iPod.
Dude, i just got my Creative Zen Micro. This badass toy piledrives your iPod Mini into the sewer gutter any day! No joke, bra.
by Greg Cole March 27, 2005
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A thwack on the head given by an old Chinese man holding a walking stick
According to each pupil, the Seifu gives an appropriate meaning of Zen; I have a knot on my head to prove it.
by the_unknown November 29, 2012
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Noun. Used in computer programming to refer to a sudden flash of insight, usually regarding a problem, and how to fix it.

Faster version of glark, and it usually sends one well on their way to grokking something.

A paradigm shift.
"I was this close to giving up, but then I got a zen"
by NuclearConfusion July 05, 2006
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like an ipod, but cheaper, better made, more comfortable, easier to use and with better features
your ipod sucks. get a zen
by jimmy45 June 28, 2007
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