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Ryun is a wonderful person that can make people smile without even trying. She is someone who is silly and is the most enjoyable to be around with. Ryun is an unbelievably sweet person that will make one want to talk with her more and more. Besides her fantastic personality she is absolutely beautiful, someone who makes you believe in angels. Ryun is a person everyone should feel lucky to know.
Im sure glad i know a Ryun like you
by ANONYMOUSFISH April 22, 2018
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Ryun is wonderful person that makes all the people around her and herself smile. She is generally a very happy person that always laughs and makes others laugh with her. Ryuns give endless amounts of joy to themselves and others. Though occasionally they may be worried about many things it is still lovely to be around them. Ryuns are also very beautiful, though they wont admit it, they are absolutely gorgeous and are blessed with natural beauty. Including their beauty Ryuns are also very intelligent, with a quick glance one can not tell but if one were to get to know a Ryun they will see she is an all around perfect girl. Ryuns are fantastic people that many people should really get to know because they are a the best.
Aww i wish i could be a Ryun.
by ANONYMOUSFISH January 29, 2018
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