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Nazi Zombies. And yes in that order, such that the zombie becomes a nazi AFTER he became a zombie. Oh and you can't get past level 11 for Zazis on COD5.
Shaun of the Dead: "Oh shit, those Zombies are Nazis!"
Winchester: "No, dude those aren't zombies-- their totally zazis!!"

COD5: "You will not survive."
by punkyBrewster January 14, 2009
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Zazi is someone who has a beautiful smile and a great sense of style. Her name derived from a Mayan princess who was the most stoner of them all. A zazi usually has a high-pitched hilarious laugh you will definitely fall in love with.
Damn that zazi sure is a keeper even with her hiyenah laugh
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Zah-Zee. Fecal matter spackled to your head of your penis.
Remember to clean your Zazi's turban off after having anal sex with your lover. Your Zazi denies ever being on the inside.
by kakunishi September 29, 2009
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