too bad,can be used in a sad type of situation
Katie:"Man,I forgot my book at home"

by Clint Potter May 29, 2008
Someone who thinks everything is based on sex. Usually Male
Stop being a Zarne you Dickhead
by Pug_Lyfe_19 November 24, 2016
This god is the best photographer you've ever seen. He has the coolest Mustang and totally did not waste all of his money on it. He makes miraculous youtube videos where the content will have you speechless. He posts snapchat stories every day of him flexing his car and dancing to Justin Beiber in his room by himself. He likes to crash his dad's BMW and hang out with kids who bully him. This is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Nate - "Yo bro are you going that normal high school party?"

Zack -"No dude I'm going to hangout with Ben Zarn"

Nate - "Bro I'm sorry for you"
by ItalianGreaser47 November 16, 2018
Zarne has a large Willy
Good job Zarne you have a large dick
by Sup355633677 November 27, 2021