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Zari is very smart and beautiful. She loves to play around and be goofy. Zari is very flirtatious. She can be freaky at times. She loves to cuddle. She can have a bad attitude but it will be all worth it for a Zari. She is strong and independent.

Zari- Swahili for "Beautiful"
"All i want is a Zari."
by be-you-tiful August 24, 2016
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Zari- Swahili for "Beautiful"

Often times a "Zari" is a young women who is very shy and reserved until she begins to develop into her teenage years.


One of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She is dramatic, but very funny, and a great listener.
" You see that Zari at the bar last night?? HOTTT!!"
"No kididn man, she was beautiful"

Angelina Jolie's little girl may grow up to be quite a Zari.
by Jazz Cat December 02, 2010
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Zari is a very pretty girl, she is loyal, funny, and a great friend. She is light skin and thick. She is a freaky girl. She is the best girlfriend to have. She is a fighter and always sticks up for her friends
Get you a Zari!
by La'Szaria June 29, 2017
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Word of Yiddish origin which pertains to a person being "embarassing" not only to himself, but also to those watching him. Such as watching Matthew Rozowsky (folk figure) on a bicycle.
Look at him sing Karaoke, he is such a "zaris"
by Scroll Groll Mountain Troll October 05, 2004
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