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To describe an underdog or unlikely character that achieves an awesome moment. Or to describe the actual moment. Could be used as a noun or an adjective.
When that guy who plays defense took the puck coast to coast, that was a true zary!

I cant believe you took that girl home last night, you pulled a zary.

Look at the dork dance with all those girl, what a zary.

Your a zary, after that touch down run.
by Aceburgh March 18, 2008
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Zary is a beautiful girl who always loves to laugh. she is always nice to her friends and she doesn't like people base on their looks. zary is a smart and intelligent girl. she doesn't care about any boy liking her because she isn't press to look any kind of way for ANY boy. If you find a girl name zary your a very lucky person!!
"WOW! im so happy i met zary"
by the truth! June 02, 2017
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