19 definitions by stackattack

someone who has a bug in there pubes like crabs.
jessica is really hot" "yeah but i heard shes got ants in the pants.
by stackattack January 12, 2011
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you wanna collins me?"......."NO" "no you come over here and you take a shit on my head.
by stackattack January 8, 2011
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to dye easter eggs with your seamen (via masturbating) and color dye
hey its easter tommarow" oh shit yeah that means i got to go easterbating today
by stackattack April 21, 2011
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to violently flap ones penis all up and around anothers face, prefferibly a sleeping or disabled person.
go flap attack that stationary motherfucker!
by stackattack January 2, 2011
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one who is kinkie as hell in bed.
i heard tom shoved a lolipop up sarahs vagina" " what a pantie rascal
by stackattack January 12, 2011
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