an affectionate term for a friend or someone of the opposite sex you find attractive
female me: hey yum, hows it going
female friend: meh im doing alright, a little tired

hot male friend: hey lady what are you doing tonight?
female me: oh hey yum, no plans. you up for something?
hot male friend: sure give me a call later
by delores haze November 20, 2005
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A way to describe a person on their looks and taste. Also used to describe food but mostly used to describe people this generation.
Person 1: Daniela Muñoz is looking yum af.
Person 2: Hells yea man

Individual 1: Bro look at that food man.

Individual 2: It's looking real yum.
by Steve Dodger January 20, 2017
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Used to exclaim the beauty and utter attractiveness that is Hannah Miltimore. Like holy cow.
"Hey, did you see Hannah today?"

"Oh yeah man, yum!"
by Spagheffle April 09, 2014
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Meaning to eat, or having food. Also getting yums reffering to food.
"I'm going to go have some yums"

"Yo where are your yums?"
by Emma Rich February 22, 2009
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default word for something awesome and deliciously inappropriate
He totes digs stuff like that, yum
by Vicious_Vuhjaina January 30, 2016
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a word that can be used in any situation
"Wow that guy is so yum"
by whateverrrrrrrrr April 23, 2017
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1. An altered state of perception after consuming copious amounts of good food; especially bacon. Comparable to the lazy glow one gets after an orgasm. Can result in merriment, extreme laziness, extreme exhaustion, smoking a j or loosening ones pants.

Also see "Food Coma".

2. A word or sound made to signify food that looks, tastes, smells or otherwise seems delightful.
1. Person A: "Dude, I'm so yum right now.."
1. Person B: "Good job with those eggs Tim, best I've had in years."

2. "Yum, those muffins look great!"
by Chamber12 March 18, 2010
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Used to describe a tasty looking or delectable Young Urban Male.
I got caught up with this fine piece of Y.U.M. when I got drunk the other night. We hunched and now I'm preganent.
by Clark Kendu March 08, 2011
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