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Whether you're referring to Yugi himself or his "puzzle spirit", he is a unique-looking character with what may be the strangest-looking hair in anime. Along with his red-tint frazzled hair with yellow stripes, he also wears his "Millenium Puzzle" around his neck, and his sense of fashion would suggest that he has a thing for bondage.
"Yugi, trust in the heart of the cards!"
"Shut up, grampa!"
by Devil August 18, 2003
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1. A word often used to describe baby pandas.

2. A baby panda.

3. A name commonly given to baby pandas.

4. Somebody who is frequently mistaken for a baby panda.
Person 1: Hey look, a Yugi!
Person 2: Cute, isn't he? His name is Yugi :D
Person 1: Aww, is he your little brother?
Person 2: What? No, of course not; we're different species.
Person 1: mean you're NOT a baby panda?
Person 2: Nope.
Person 1: Damn you're good.
by IncurablyAwesome September 15, 2011
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The protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! He has a flamboyant hair style, and he has penchant for gaming. He plays a game called Duel Monsters to save people and to thwart the plans of evil people such as Malik. He rarely loses in that game because he drews a card he needs when he is under duress persistantly. He also invokes a spirit in the golden pyramid (Millenium Puzzle) he wears called Yami or Atem who was a pharaoh in Egypt.
Yugi is my hero. He is the paladin of gaming. In Latin, his name is "Rex Yugi".
by Josh Miller May 07, 2004
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The pint sized gamer in Yu-Gi-Oh. He wears the Millennium Puzzle around his neck. When he's in trouble Atem/Yami takes over his body and duels. Yugi kicks ass.
Yugi dueled Pegasus to save Kaiba and Mokuba's souls.
by SangoHuntress August 23, 2004
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A cute little d00d that plays card games. He also has a darker side, the soul of an ancient pharoah inside the Sennen Puzzle who would probably force half the people who posted in this word into one of his infamous Punishment Games.
Yugi: I'm not a cardfucker...;-;
by King Asshat XVIII of Asshatia September 19, 2003
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the 14-16 year old dueling midget who owns the sennen puzzle which contains the spirit of a lost pharoah of the 18th dynasty who is an expert gamer and barely ever loses. despite his clothing, yugi is for the most part straight. thrughout the series, he is trying to make himself and anzu more than "just friends"
little yugi is weak, unlike his counterpart, yami yugi
by david September 28, 2003
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